Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thomas's Ham and Eggery Diner, Carle Place, NY

Ordering from the menu at Thomas's Ham and Eggery here in Carle Place, NY, the best breakfast place on Long Island.  Lots of choices, but I really need to make the best one.  Everything is made to order at Thomas's and everything just tastes so darn good.  Pancakes light and fluffy, omelets cooked to perfection. 

Sign inside the diner above the kitchen

Built as a stand alone diner, Thomas's has been a staple for breakfast since 1946.  During that time, the place has been owned by only two families.  When the original owner died. the current owners took over 20 years ago.  

Nothing about it has changed in all that time, except for the menu, which has been updated for 2013 to include some new items. Tommy, son of the current owner, is always around to help and was kind enough to speak to Rob, Susan and myself.  Tommy is aware of his competition and strives to make to be the best the diner can be. Even the manager, Alex, filled us in on information.  Everyone there is kind, helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have.

Some of the kitchen staff

We were there early in the morning when it wasn't crowded.  But don't be fooled. On the weekends, the place is packed and the lobby of the diner has lines out the door.  Coffee and tea are delivered when you are seated, and take it from me, the water is hot.    All the eggs are served in skillets and there are specials at great prices.    

Inside the diner, facing west.  If you look closely, you can see Susan siting close to the camera, taking notes.

The inside is decorated in the 50's style with posters.  Magnets, that have been lovingly collected by family are hanging on the wall, behind the counter.

Ah, here it is.  My order finally came.  Look at the skillet

 So if you're around the area, visit Thomas's Ham and Eggery Diner.  The staff is there to serve to serve you. Enjoy.  You can't go wrong at Thomas's.  

Link below connects to a copy of Thomas's extensive menu