Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Clyde here! That's me in front of Thompson's Falls located at Wildcat Mountain smack in the middle of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. My friends Rob and Susan Friedman have visited almost every Memorial Day and sometimes Labor Day holidays.

While vacationing, a friend of ours suggested that we start writing a journal based on my travels around the country, well, the East Coast really and so here it is. It's called Clyde's Guides and I will be sharing some pics, info and stories on some of our journeys. I hope you'll come along and join us at these interesting places. Our trip has just begun.


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  2. wow clyde has his own blog

  3. Clyde, looking forward to your upcoming photos and stories! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures!


  4. Hey there Clyde! What a great idea this blog of yours is!! It will be such fun to follow along on your journeys with Rob and Susan. Keep us posted!


  5. Rob and Susan and Clyde I so enjoy your guide! On occasion I simply want something interesting to investigate and I have found countless ideas in your blog.
    We had met your autumn 2013 at University at Stony Brooks car show, "Italian Art on Wheels". We also enjoyed lunch with you. We had the champagne and navy blue Maserati and you had just won the beautiful totally new Fiat.
    I/ we want to encourage you please continue with the blog Clydes Guide it is so creative, informative and a pleasure. True it has to be labor intensive but it is so loved and so appreciated.
    Fondly, Penny and Dr Nicola