Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bayport Aerodrome Society, Bayport, NY

Here I am enjoying a hamburger at the Bayport Aeordrome Society picnic this afternoon. Rob with his enormous interest in planes stumbled onto the Bayport Aerodrome three weeks ago.

Founded in 1945, this airport is unique in the fact that it has a grass runway.  It is owned by the Town of Islip and has been managed by the Society since 1972.

A little history about the society is appropriate here.  It is a living museum dedicated to preserving aviation history.  Many members have either retired from once prominent aviation corporations and are interested in keeping alive Long Island's rich history of what it was once known for: building and designing airplanes during WWII.  They share their passion with members of the surrounding community and anyone who cares to visit.  Here are some pictures of the planes that they keep alive and running.  We even won a ride on one of the planes.

Here is a full view of the Aerodrome Society's working hangers.  Don't be fooled by the picture.  It was very crowded with new people arriving all the time.  It was also a beautiful day, not too hot and no sign of rain anywhere.

Here is a RC-3 Seabee.  It was developed by Republic Aviation Corp in the late 1940's.  It was hoped that  military pilots returning from the war would want to fly civilian aircraft after they arrived home.  This never happened and this plane was discontinued in 1947.

Here is an REO Speedwagon. You will recognize this name from the rock band who named themselves after this flatbed truck made by REO Motor Car Company.  The initials stand for Ransom Eli Olds who later founded the Oldsmobile Auto Company.

Both Susan and I got to ride on this plane across the ocean above Fire Island and back again.  This photo, courtesy of the Bayport Aerodrome Society site, is a 1940 Aeronca.  It was a beautiful ride, but a little bumpy at the end. 

Approaching Fire Island from the plane.
Here I am after the landing.  All in all a good flight and a fun day.

Here is a link to the Bayport Aerodrome Society.  Enjoy.


  1. Oh my gosh Clyde, do I envy you! I just love going anywhere there are planes (especially the ones from earlier times)to check out. The Bayport airport sounds like it would be a fascinating place to visit! You are one lucky moose!!

  2. I have to agree with mllp88 are one lucky moose! You go to some really great places! What a great shot of you with the plane!(Loved the photo taken from the plane, too!)