Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bialystok and Bloom, Rockville Centre, LI, NY

Enjoying a decaf coffee and a chocolate chip biscotti at another great eatery, Bialystok and Bloom in Rockville Centre, NY where you can get the best tasting tuna and roast beef sandwiches around.  Susan and Rob have been enjoying their fine salads, sandwiches and desserts for years.

Started in 1987 by four partners, the current owner, Rahul, bought the place from the surviving two owners, who, by the way, weren't in the food business.  Back then, it was located not too far from its current address, on Park Avenue, still in Rockville  Centre.
They told Rahul that he would never survive, but two things have kept him going.  His father and his positive attitude.  He knew the place would work out and it has.

Looking for a bigger place, Rahul moved to 19 Clinton Avenue two years ago, up the block and around the corner from his old store on Park Avenue.  It's bigger but it's still the same great stuff.

All the salads are fresh and homemade.  The bread and bagels are all bought from a local bakery, but the sandwiches, salads and desserts Rahul comes up with are the best around and creative as well.

Rahul caters to the entire tri-state area and it's all word of mouth.  Many of his customers have never been inside his cafe which basically serves only ten people.

But Rahul loves what he does and he is dedicated to his craft and it's evident in what he creates and the love he put into creating the best sandwiches and salads out there.  Susan and Rob took home overstuffed tuna and roast beef sandwiches plus a half pound of his great tuna.

Bialystok and Bloom has their own website and they are also on Facebook and Twitter, plus its own blog which is updated everyday. I will include  links to their sites as usual.

So again, when you're in the area, stop off at Bialystok and Bloom or as it's known locally, just Bialystok.

As usual here are the links:

Bialystok and Bloom official site which includes their blog, menu and catering menu:

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  1. Clyde, this has to be one of your all time best places you have visited!! The menu at Bialystok is so mouth watering...I especially love wraps. Again, wish I were closer to your area so I could frequent this place.