Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bayside Clam Bar and Grill, East Islip, LI, NY

This is the newly renovated Bayside Clam Bar and Grill, formerly known as the Bayview Clam Shack.  We discovered the Bayview Clam Shack two years ago. but the eatery was open only from Memorial Day to Columbus Day.  They had great lobster salads and rolls that Susan loved. Rob's favorite was always the Mussels Bianca.

After Memorial Day, Rob and Susan eagerly awaited the reopening of this great place. Well, it turns out that the Clam Shack had been renovated and is now under new management.  The Bayview Clam Shack had opened under a brand new name, the Bayside Clam Bar and Grill and had just opened two short weeks ago.  
 The new owners, James and Dave treated us warmly and showed us around as if we were old friends.  They were eager to show off the refinements they made to the place like the new outdoor deck and the lovely new bathrooms. The outdoor deck now had wood planking and is all one level instead of two.  The inside of the restaurant has been completely done over and can sit 30 people, rain or shine. They are awaiting a new menu, which, they have assured us, will arrive in two weeks.  

The new deck and gazebo
But in the meantime, the food was great and the new clam bar and grill has kept the same prices.  Kate was our server for the evening and we had no problems; everything came on time.   Rob had some delicious conch fritters and Susan had great turkey reuben that couldn't be beat.

Everything just blended together, the weather was beautiful and a cool breeze blew from in from the Great South Bay.  It was so clear that you could see Fire Island across the water.  To compliment our meal, we heard a great band called Stoneage.

Stoneage playing under the gazebo on the new deck
  We weren't disappointed and are looking forward to many more summer nights (and hopefully fall and winter as well) to eat at the brand new Bayside Clam Bar and Grill in East Islip located inside the Marina.  Can't wait to see the new menu. If you're in the neighborhood stop by. You'll be glad you did.

I can tell you that there is a new Facebook page for the Bayside Clam Bar and Grill.

update:  7/4/11

The new menu has come in and the locals are in for a real treat.  We tried the desserts tonight.  Susan had a New York style cheesecake and Rob had a peach pie with chocolate ice cream.  All homemade by family and friends. 

Some of the offerings on the new menu include Pan Sauteed Hawaiian Sunfish, Grilled Honey Mustard Breast of Chicken, 3 Dog Knight (3 hot dogs covered in sauerkraut, chili cheese and one topped with onions), 14 ounce shell steak, one pound Atlantic lobster, Sweet and Sour Shrimp Stir Fry,  Cocoanut Crusted Shrimp, Traditional Fish and Chips and an 8 ounce Angus beef burger that is to die for.  There are also salads and some great starters with little necks and oysters on the half shell, bacon wrapped shrimp, jalapeno chedder poppers, steamed clams and delicious conch fritters.

Rob and Susan also shared the twin lobster rolls and substituted wild rice for fries.  All brought to you by Chef Lou, Dave's brother in law.  Our server was Dave's daughter, Mara. 

The Bayside Clam Bar and Grill is also open at 7 for breakfast.  Go and enjoy.    

Kinda dark but you can see the new tables that have been set up
 This is James, one of the new owners


  1. Bayside Clam Bar and Grill sounds and looks like a fun place to stop! :D

  2. Oh my gosh...another great restaurant with good food, charm and beautiful scenery!! Need I say more, Clyde...I am so jealous!! You all live in such a great place when it comes to wonderful places to eat. I would go here in a minute!!

  3. Would love to hear what's on the new menu when you go back...I love seafood!

  4. I was told to check out Clydes Guides and it is
    really nice. I'm gonna tell my boyfriend to take me here. Thanks, Clyde.

  5. Good Lobster Roll Sandwich and Hamburgers!! New owners did an AWESOME job renovating the place and adding a new tasty menu...LOVED the Conch Fritters!

  6. Loved the Bayside Clam Bar & Grill in 2011 - Looked forward to returning in 2012---big disappointment. The casual, relaxed, laid back feel & menu were replaced with a more formal setting and pricer menu. Bar crowd seemed fun & loud though. Still offered live music. Ordered the fish & chips. Fish was good, fries were cold & soggy. Also tried the Shrimp & Pulled Pork Dumplings...UGH! No pork in them & completely under-cooked. Need to find a new place to hang this summer...hope they go back to the old ways.