Monday, July 4, 2011

William Floyd Estate, Mastic Beach, LI, NY

Since it is July 4th, I wanted to share our trip to William Floyd Estate, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  We toured the  house on Memorial Day of this year.  Although Rob and Susan had gone through the house years ago, there is always something new to see on each visit.

Originally from Wales, the Floyd family sailed to the New World around 1650.  After settling in Setauket, LI in the 1680's, Richard Floyd II purchased 4,400 acres from the prominent Long Island Smith family in 1718.  Since that time, the estate has been passed down through eight generations of the Floyd family.  It was donated to the National Park Service in 1976.

It was called the Old Mastic House when the family lived here.  Starting off as a 6 room colonial, it has changed and expanded over the years to accommodate a growing family.  Today, there are 25 rooms. 

Originally a plantation in colonial times, the property includes twelve outbuildings, the family cemetery and 613 acres of forest, fields, marsh and many nature trails.  As the years passed, the Floyd family became more involved business and politics and the estate soon became just a summer home and used for hunting and fishing when in season.
The Floyd family cemetery still in use today
The house has not been altered and is shown exactly how the family left it in 1976. The Park Service believes that it is a unique cultural preservation and not a restoration.  When you tour the house, you will see a family that has made their home here for over 250 years.  It is truly impressive to see how each room has changed with the times.  You might notice a piece of furniture from the 1700's and another from the 1960's next to one another.  There are electric lamps and updated kitchens and a few doors down will see the original colonial kitchen. It is truly something to experience.  
The expansive "Vista View" clear to the marshes

Since it is a more a preservation, there is no photography allowed inside the house, but I have found some pictures from our local paper that I will include a link to. The property is still maintained as if they family still lived on the property.

Here are some links:

In answer to two comments about where William Floyd is actually buried, here is the link to explain.  Yes, he is buried in Westernville, NY.  The gravestone in the family cemetery was moved from Westernville to Long Island when the original stone was replaced.  The link is below:

Official site of the William Floyd Estate

More on the history of  William Floyd:

 Newsday article.  Some pics of the inside of the estate

Article about Westernville couple restoring General Floyd's home in Westernville, NY.  This is where he moved to later on and left the Mastic house to his son.

Gravestone of William Floyd


  1. Love this place, Clyde! I so like the idea of keeping it just as if the family were still living there. This is a place I would really enjoy seeing!!

  2. I'm familiar with this tombstone but there are other sites that point to a grave in Westernville, NY, as the final resting place of William Floyd. Any thoughts on the authenticity of the marker?

  3. I am familiar with this gravesite. There also is a grave in Westernville, NY, that is credited as being the burial place of William Floyd. Any thoughts on credibility?

    1. Ed,

      William Floyd is buried in Westernville, NY. The gravestone on Long Island was his original gravestone and has been relocated here. The one in Westernville was replaced by a larger monument by the DAR.


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