Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maureen's Kitchen, Smithtown, LI, NY

I'm sitting at my table with Rob and Susan on the wraparound porch at Maureen's Kitchen in Smithtown, waiting for my pistachio pancakes to arrive any minute. I've been told by our server, Carolyn, that this is the only place that serves up these unusual pancakes.

The original Maureen's Kitchen in 1985 photo
   It is known by the regulars as the best breakfast place in Suffolk County, but Maureen's also serves lunch. They have daily specials that make your mouth water. This is the third time for Rob and Susan and each time they've gone there, they've always had something different.

Maureen Dernbach started serving breakfast and lunch from this small house in 1985. The tiny kitchen could only hold 10 people. When it burned down eleven years later, she moved across the street and built the lovely Victorian house we ate in today.   You can see the house in the picture below.

These days, it is run by son Kevin and daughter Christine and it's a thriving business.  They are open Monday through Friday from 7 am until 3 pm.
Present day Maureen's Kitchen across the street built in 1996
Rob and Susan visited for the second time last Wednesday.  They arrived around 11:30 and, although it was crowded, there was no wait at all.  Although we were able to pick where we wanted to sit, we were given seats inside the restaurant.

But this cannot be said for Saturday and Sunday.  The hours over the weekend start at 7 am and end at 1:45.  This morning, we arrived a little after 8 in the morning and, again, although it was crowded, we were able to get a seat on the coveted wraparound porch.  As we were on our way out, we noticed a group people waiting in their small, but heated waiting area.  My recommendation is DO NOT ARRIVE AFTER 10, especially on Sunday, if you do not like to wait.  It can be up to an hour wait after that time. 
The waiting area.  The entrance to the wraparound porch is through the door straight in front.The entrance to the restaurant is on your right

The wraparound porch
Maureen's is decorated in what I like to call early cow.  There are cows all over the place, from the tablecloths and chair coverings to the motorcycle in the waiting room.  There are cows all over the place, on the walls, on the shelves, outside the restaurant and inside the bathrooms. Christine tells us that these cows are donated from people from everywhere.  

The counter and inside seating area

Inside the restaurant from another angle

Carolyn, our server, went out of her way to recommend the pistachio pancakes and Jerry, the head waiter, was very kind and informative.  He answered all our questions about the history of the restaurant and whatever he didn't know, he recommended to ask Christine or Kevin.  

Very moderately priced, Maureen's Kitchen does do great breakfast and was very helpful and patient with us this morning.  Another recommendation is the croissant french toast and the special.  It is different and delicious and not to be missed. It goes along with those great pistachio pancakes that we had this morning. 
I have included this link to yelp at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, there is no online menu.  If I do come across one, I will add it.

Tons of reviews from yelp



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  1. What a neat place!! Even though you didn't post a menu, the pictures gave a good indication of some tasty food being served at Maureen's Kitchen. Another great find, Clyde!