Saturday, October 2, 2010

Historic Poole Forge, Caernarvon Township in Lancaster County, PA

Here I am sitting on the covered bridge at Historic Poole Forge.  Built in 1859 for twelve hundred and nineteen dollars after sixty two citizens from Caernarvon Township signed a petition requesting a bridge to be built over Conestoga Creek just a year before.

  It was recommended that the bridge should be built without a roof so that the sparks from the forge wouldn't set fire to the bridge.  It was also recommended that the location of the bridge should be 90 feet from the south corner of the Forge Coal House.  Since 1859, there were a number of repairs made to bridge, one in 1889 for new side boards and another in 1916 for a roof. In 1961, the bridge transferred from the state to the township to the present owner.  In 1980 it was designated by the National  Register of Historic Places and in 2005 it became part of the Caernarvon Township for inclusion into the park  In 2007, floor boards were replaced, sensor lights were installed and  the stone abutments reinforced.  Since 2006, the bridge is decorated every Christmas by the Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society, a group of covered bridge enthusiasts formed in 1959.

The Paymaster's House

The Iron Master's House
 This is the Tenant House, just one of the historic houses at Poole Forge, which was just that.  It was built by Welsh immigrant, James Old in the mid-18th century and just one of the many forges that dot the area.   The forge itself was still standing in the early 1900's and most of the houses that stood inside the forge are now used for offices and guest houses.  The Paymaster's House has been leased to the Churchtown Bed and Breakfast, Now known as the Covered Bridge Cottage, it is offered to guests with or without pets.   

A large wooden pavilion can be rented.for parties and large groups.  You can walk through the spacious grounds if you are in the mood to do so.  

As usual, I'm including links to these sites which will give you more information regarding Historic Poole Forge:

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I just discovered this wonderful site.  It's a overhead shot of Historic Poole Forge showing the park and the exact locations of each house.  There are some beautiful pics to accompany the site. Enjoy !,-75.979890,17,k/ 


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  1. Love covered bridges, Clyde! Poole Forge looks like it would be a wonderful place to visit. Love checking out old historic places!! Thanks for the guided trip through the area!! :o)