Saturday, January 1, 2011

Atlantic Seafood Market , Center Moriches, Long Island, NY

Hi there and Happy New Year everybody!!!  We took our traditional ride out to Montauk today (which I will cover in my next two blogs) and stopped off to eat at the Atlantic Seafood Market, a combination fish market and restaurant.  The food there is excellent with prices to match.

You can't beat their specials.  Susan had the stuffed flounder with spinach filling topped with three stuffed shrimp with rice and veggies, a special for $13.99.  Rob had a pound and a quarter lobster dinner with rice and veggies, another special for $12.95.  Served with your choice of salad or coleslaw (they both had the salad), but they also sampled the soup.  Rob had the New England Clam Chowder and Susan had the Bisque, all homemade and just delicious. Sarah, our waitress brought four fresh rolls to the table before dinner; two seeded and two dark rye, which I heartily recommend.  Here I am sampling one before dinner. 

Atlantic Seafood Market started off a Swap and Shop, the only one in the area, owned and operated by Leslie and Mary Loper in 1948. Even after Leslie died, Mary and her daughter, Maryann ran the Swap and Shop for many years afterward.

The business started to change with the advent of garage and yard sales and Maryann's husband, George, began to build and sell lobster pots to people in their neighborhood.  As business started to grow, people came in looking to buy lobsters, along with clams, shrimp and fish.  So the Atlantic Fish Market was born.

An elderly gentlemen came into the Market one day, looking to buy a large lobster for his wife's birthday.  He explained that because it was her birthday, he didn't want her to cook and asked Maryann to cook it for him.  She explained to him that she wasn't allowed to, but would do it anyway if he promised not to say anything to anyone about it.  Well, one thing led to another and the next day two more people showed up and asked her to cook their lobsters.  And that, as they say, is history.

The restaurant continues to grow and evolve, largely through friends, family and patrons. We were lucky enough to meet and speak with Christine, one of the daughters of George and Maryann.  A wonderful and warm woman, who was kind enough to share some of the family history with us.

  There is a small outdoor seating area on the side so you can eat outdoors in the warmer months. The ambiance is warm and the patrons were very friendly and helpful.  The service is excellent; we never lacked for anything.  So if you're ever in the area or on Montauk Highway stop into the Atlantic Seafood Market.  It's not hard to miss, just look for the large shark mouth that surrounds the doorway.

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  1. Do I ever envy you, get to go to the greatest places with Susan and Rob!! Wish the Atlantic Seafood Market was in our area. All the food sounds delicious!

  2. It sounds like an interesting place to go and the prices definitely sound reasonable.

  3. I'm with mllp88 in envying you, Clyde! I love seafood and this place sounds wonderful! You lucky moose!