Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pastrami N Friends, Commack, LI, New York

Look at the size of that sandwich.  You can't get any better pastrami than that.  Wash it down with a little Dr. Brown's Cel-Rey and you've got the perfect deli meal.

Welcome to Pastrami N Friends, one of three Kosher delis in Suffolk County, but believe me, this one is the best.  It actually beats the pants off one of the biggest and most well-known Kosher delis in the area.

It's actually new to Rob and Susan, but it's not new to the area.  Partners Ernie and Don (Don is now retired and Ronnie has taken his place) opened  Pastrami N Friends in 1975 and are still in the same location.  They were recently voted Best Pastrami on Long Island for 2011 and they do deserve the honor.  Ernie believes that it's because he uses only top quality products and he will not settle for anything less. 

It may be a little smaller than other well known delis, but it's big on quality and warm in heart.  Ernie treats his employees and patrons equally, like one big happy family.  Sharon, our waitress for this evening, has worked there for 20 years.  When you walk in, you get treated with kid gloves.  Everyone welcomes you with a smile and the servers will bend over backwards to bring you a great meal.  Everyone is warm and friendly with excellent service with prices that can't be beat.
The yellow paneling on the walls and the doo-wop oldies playing over the speakers help to enhance this fabulous restaurant.  The pictures and posters on either side of the deli cover the periods from the 1930's to the present and make you feel right at home. If you so desire, you can purchase any one of them.

One of the better things about this particular deli is that it serves a cup of any soup you want, unlike other delis in the area, which only serve a large bowl.  Try  all the homemade soups, all of which are out of this world.  Specials written on the board are named after a borough or section of Brooklyn.

Tonight Susan and Rob were served an open sandwich of the best tasting corned beef and pastrami served with delicious derma over barley.  Rob had a large potato pancake while Susan had the traditional fries.  Both served with Dr. Brown's Cel-Rey soda.

So the next time you are looking for a great Kosher deli with a "little bit of Brooklyn", please consider Pastrami N Friends as your stopping off point. It is located off Commack Road in the Meat Farms Mall and is the second store on the left.  When you click on their menu link below, it will give you directions how to get there.

Towards the rear of the deli, you will glimpse a sign that reads "Good Food - Good Times - Good Friends."  This says it all.

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  1. Again, Clyde, you have found another great eatery!! This place looks fabulous!