Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jericho Cider Mill, Jericho, Long Island, NY

Fall time again, folks, which means it's officially apple cider time and the best place to get some is the Jericho Cider Mill located right here on the Island in historic Jericho, NY on Route 106.

This is Rob and Susan's favorite place to get apple cider and believe me, they have the best.  They've been to others and nothing comes close.  Hot or cold, you can't beat the Jericho Cider Mill.

The mill started making champagne cider in 1820 and was still going strong until prohibition closed it down in 1919. It remained closed for several years until it moved to another site. In the 30's, John Zulkofske purchased the mill and returned it to its original site, only to watch it being razed for the expansion of Route 106 in 1958. 
Located off Route 106, it remains at its present location and is now run by Mr. Zulkofske's son, George.

The Jericho Cider Mill operates from Labor Day to Mother's Day and is closed the rest of the year.  The cider is made right on premises, pressed from the finest and freshest Hudson River apples with no preservatives added.

You can buy anything in their store from apples to pies to delicious fresh cider, hot or cold. They even have a spice mix to make your own mulled cider on cold winter days. 

Here I am sampling one of their juicy apples and some of their cider which is sitting next to me.  Yum.

And here is their store.  Packed as usual on a crisp autumn Sunday afternoon.

As usual, here are more links to the history of the Jericho Cider Mill.


  1. Love these kind of places, Clyde! Thanks for sharing it with us. :o)That spice mix to make mulled cider sounds delicious!! I can just taste it on a cold winter evening sitting in front of the fireplace. Yummy!!

  2. Sounds like a great place to visit! Love the photos...especially the one of you sampling an apple! :)

  3. My dad is from LI and when we use to go up for Thanksgiving we would stop in for cider and a pie or two for dessert. As a young man my father worked in the apple orchard in Jericho, I believe, if I remember correctly. How wish we came up more so i could stop in again.

  4. My name is Dominic Caruso. I believe John's Cider Mill and I go back a long way, 1944-1952. If this is the same John, grandfather, he was my school bus driver from my years at Jericho elementary to my time at Glen Cove High. As a kid I used to stop at the original cider mill for 5 cents refreshers after playing football with my friends in the field behind the mill. John had a neighbor called Jasper who ran a stable business for horse. I learned to ride at Jaspers. I now live at Maryland and am planning to visit the Cider mill next year. If I could get a photo of the original mill that would be wonderful. I am a writer and would like to use it in my ebook coming our next few weeks. I mention the mill in my book. Of course I would like permission to use it in the book. I would also like to meet with the Johns family if they would like. John was a wonderful person. The patience of Jove. My email address is Thank you, please respond. Dominic...

  5. Do they have a website. I would like to order some cider from them. There pies and cider is the best.