Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kancamagus Highway, White Mountains, New Hampshire

The Brick Store in Bath, NH, the Oldest General Store
This is Kancamagus Pass or Route 112, the highest point of Kancamagus Highway which runs through the White Mountains.  Kancamgus Pass connects  Bath, NH with Conway, NH and is known for its beautiful fall foliage. 

The "Kanc" as it is known by the locals, was named for Chief Kancamagus or the Fearless One.  Kancamagus once ruled all of what is now known as southern New Hampshire,  In 1691, he made the decision to move north to upper New Hampshire, which is now known as Quebec, Canada after trying and failing to make peace with the English settlers.

 Kancamagus Highway is fairly new, having been been completed in 1959.  Some old logging roads were set aside by the federal government, but there wasn't a road linking Lincoln with Conway, New Hampshire.

Lower Falls, White Mountains

The Kanc was paved in 1964 and was plowed for the first time in 1968.  It is now used all year round.

Sometimes when you travel on the Kanc, you can see moose, deer, even a fox. Here are some that we spotted.  There are places that you can hike to such as an abandoned logging town called Livermore.  It's way off the beaten path and if you don't know it's there, you won't find it. 

Rob took some of my relatives that came for a visit.  They had no idea that we were coming and came out to say hello. 

I am including a few links:

this shows you the entire route of the highway:

 wikipedia article on the history

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and about the abandoned logging town of Livermore

Brake for moose crossing Kancamagus Highway

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