Friday, September 24, 2010

Opa Greek Restaurant, Islip, NY

Ah! Nothing like a great cup of Greek decaf coffee (tastes just like the real thing). We are here at our favorite Greek restaurant, Opa Greek Restaurant in Islip, Long Island, which is not too far from where Rob and Susan live. 

Rob had one of his favorite dinners, the Loukaniko Dinner, which consists of grilled smoked sausage seasoned with with orange rind and cinnamon and served over a bed of delicious rice pilaf.

Susan had her favorite Gyro Dinner with slices of chopped lamb, beef, herbs and spices which is also served over a bed of rice pilaf.

 These entrees are always served with a greek salad, pita bread and tzatziki sauce, which is a seasoned yogurt sauce.  You can also try their homemade onion sauce to go with either dinner. 
Just take a look at that salad, pita and yogurt sauce.  All fresh and always served with dinner.

Now the specials are something else again. Different specials are served here every night and include soup, salad, coffee, tea and homemade rice pudding which is simply out of this world.

Everyone who works at Opa is warm and friendly and strives to make each guest feel as if they are dining in their own home. Pictured above is Pano, your host.  Very often you will see his parents, Chris and Faye chipping in to make things just a bit better and to give you a wonderful family feeling.  Susan and Rob are there at least twice a week and have never been disappointed.

The restaurant is spacious and inviting.  This is the back room of the restaurant where we usually end up. Notice the blue light above which gives you the feeling of eating outdoors under a lovely blue sky.

In fact, the seat with the menus and the silverware is our table. 

The picture below is the front room.  Each room has a high definition television, with a different show every night and always reflects the day's happenings.  Talk about being in your own living room.

The menu has a variety of interesting Greek dishes and includes burgers, omelets and Greek pizza (consisting of a combination of spinach, herbs, spices and feta cheese on a pizza topped with melted mozzarella on a pita bread). It also comes veggie style or a gyro pizza, which is what Susan and Rob sometimes order.  The desserts are all delicious, the usual stuff, baklava, galactoboureco (a light semolina custard enveloped in filo dough), and rice pudding.

So if you're local or if you happen to be hanging around Suffolk County in the Islip area, follow directions which are included in the link at the bottom of this blog. Also check out their extensive menu, which includes pricing.  As I said, you won't be disappointed in the service or the amazing dinners and low prices of this great restaurant.  Remember the name, it's Opa Greek Restaurant in Islip.

Here is a link to their site:


  1. This place looks awesome!! Everything sounds so delicious!! I know if I lived in your area, it would be a favorite of mine, too, Clyde. I have always been a fan of greek food. The restaurant itself looks very warm and welcoming!

  2. Opa sounds like a wonderful restaurant. The food sounds delicious.

  3. Opa is fantastic!! A MUST when it comes to greek food!!! Salud!