Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spruce Lane Lodge and Cottages, Lancaster, PA

This is Spruce Lane Lodge and Cottages where we stayed this past Labor Day weekend.  This is the entrance to the lodge, which used to be a barn.  It may look like one on the outside, but believe me, it doesn't resemble one on the inside.

When you open the door, you walk into a very lovely sitting room and lobby complete with comfortable chairs, couch, shelves of books and magazines and a television.

There are twelve rooms in the lodge and you can see the one we stay in most of the time at the Spruce Lane Lodge link below.  All rooms include a comfortable bed, shower stall,  cable television and some beautiful Amish furniture.  Each room has its own air conditioner and heater.  It's perfect for a weekend stay and is close to all the major attractions.

Right down the road is the Smoketown Diner, a wonderful place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It's a small homey place, more like a little eatery than a diner.  The food is excellent and the price is right.  It's also close to a few shopping centers and a Turkey Hill Minit Mart is only steps away in case of emergencies.
The lodge is only open from April to November, but the cottages are open year round.  There are twenty cottages in all and each one is fully furnished with two queen sized beds or, if you prefer, a futon.   There is also a breakfast nook and  full private bath. The rooms have cathedral ceilings and each one is large and comfortable with plenty of sunlight through the windows. Cable tv, a phone, microwave and coffee maker are also provided for you to enjoy.

Spruce Lane Lodge is located right on Route 340 which is also known as old Philadelphia Pike, between the city of Lancaster and the popular Amish villages of Intercourse, Bird in Hand and Blue Ball.   If you want to play mini golf, there are two great ones not far from the lodge, Water's Edge and Village Greens.  Each are fun and challenging and worth a visit.

Route 340 is a well traveled road that is shared with cars and buggies alike.  You are always welcome at the Spruce Lane Lodge and Cottages.  They will be happy to greet you in their office, a lovely brick farmhouse built in 1837 which is also their home.

Please check out the bottom link to their site.  You will see in detail the sitting room/lobby, the lodge room (room 1 in particular) and the lovely cottage rooms.  

Here is a link to their site:

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