Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ringing Rocks, Upper Black Eddy in Bucks County, PA

Well, here we are at another boulder field, except this time these rocks ring.  Yep, you got it.  These rocks are musical and I'm testing one right now to see if it does.

We are at Ringing Rocks County Park in Bucks County, PA right near the Delaware River not too far from where George W. made his famous crossing into New Jersey.  Rob heard about this and had to go see them so here we are.

It is not a far walk from the parking lot to the boulder field.  It was crowded the day we were there and tons of families were bringing hammers.  We passed by a family of five and each one had a hammer.

We found some rocks right off, not too far in from the parking lot.  Rob took two short videos with his phone which I will be including here at the end of this blog.

Why do the rocks ring? No one seems to know, but they just do and not all of them do either.  From research, I've learned that these rocks are composed of diabase, which makes up most of the earth's crust.  Only one third of the rocks ring even though they are all made of the same material.  Weird, huh?
Research also claims that these ringing rocks are not limited to the Pennsylvania area.  They are found all over the world and I will include some sites that will tell you where. 

Here are the links I'm including this time.  It will explain more on the rocks and the Wikipedia article will tell you where other ringing rocks may be found.  

Here are the videos that Rob took.  I'm in both and it may look like I'm sleeping, but I'm actually looking at  him.  Enjoy.

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  1. You guys never cease to amaze me with your incredible finds! I have heard of these ringing rocks but never actually heard them myself. Loved that you included videos so we could hear what they sound like. Another great blog, Clyde! :o)