Monday, September 6, 2010

Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant, Gordonville, PA

Ummm.  Tapioca pudding! Just one of the delicious desserts that can be enjoyed here at Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant in Gordonville, just 1/4 mile down the road from the busy shopping town of Intercourse, PA.  The food is scrumptious and they do bring you a lot of it.

Family owned and operated since 1968, our server Kimberly, a granddaughter of original proprietor,  Amos Stoltzfus and his wife Mary, brought out the beginnings of our meal. Starting with the Amish staples chow-chow, pepper cabbage, apple sauce and apple butter to smear on the delicious homebaked bread.  

Before you even get through delicious chow-chow and pepper cabbage (my two favorites) Kimberly set us up for the next course which consisted of an unending supply of homemade sausage, fried chicken (three pieces, leg, breast and thigh) and their ham loaf, made from their own recipe.  It is super and the best tasting of any other family style restaurants around the area (at least that's my opinion). Side dishes include potato filling, buttered noodles, candied sweet potatoes, corn and string beans.  By the way, the amount of food served matches always with the amount of your party. 

And for dessert, cherry crumb pie, apple crumb, chocolate cake with icing, carrot cake, pumpkin roll, ice cream, tapioca pudding and some great tasting shoo fly pie, served with ice cream on the side if you so desire.  They have the usual cold drinks, coffee, hot tea, iced tea, milk, and lemonade.

Just relaxing on the front porch of the old family farmhouse after our wonderful dinner.  Yes, this is the original family farmhouse and home of the Stoltzfus clan since 1929 when Amos moved here with his brothers and sisters. It was small and difficult for a family of twelve, especially during the Depression when Amos's father, Abram, bought the farm.  Amos slept upstairs, along with his seven brothers, in a room above the kitchen.

As mentioned above, Amos and Mary began serving here in 1968 until 1989 when their kids took over.  Still operating today, it does get a crowd and as I mentioned above much quieter and more homey than many of the other commercial establishments in the area. Don't get me wrong, the others are good too, but Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant is a cut above the rest.

There is what the Amish refer to as "family style seating" where, if it's busy, you are seated with strangers, but be sure by the end of the meal, they are strangers no longer. Many times you have the large table to yourselves, which is what we usually have.

Be assured that everyone there is extremely friendly and are more than willing to make you feel at home.  Rob and Susan have gotten to know the servers and hostesses by their frequent trips to the restaurant.  This is their favorite place to go when visiting the Amish Country and their favorite place for a wonderful meal.  When you visit the area, please don't forget to make a stop at the Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant.  You won't be disappointed.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned one important thing.  The bathrooms are outside.  Not a long walk from the restaurant, but just long enough to walk off that delicious dinner.  

As usual, I have included the link to the Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant.

 Hard to see in the picture above, I'm on top of the Mini with Susan posing on the side.  In back of us is the Stoltzfus Farm Restaurant.

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  1. I know this is a place my husband and I would enjoy stopping at, Clyde. I got hungry just reading about it. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!